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Dr. phil. Steffen Lepa M.A. M.A., born 1978, is Media and Communication Scholar and lives in Berlin, Germany.

Presently, he is a postdoc researcher at the Audio Communication Group, Institute for Language and Communication, Technical University of Berlin. Additionally, he holds teaching appointments for statistics, methodology and sound design at different universities. Furthermore, Steffen has realized several pedagogically inspired media production projects and B.A./M.A. program evaluation studies as a freelancer.

His research interests generally refer to how ubiquitous electronic media technologies take their part in changing human perception, learning and social life and how these processes may be adequately empirically researched and analyzed. His current key research areas comprise the different forms and psychosocial functions of every day audio media use, the design and reception of sound and music in audiovisual media, and finally the development and application of empirical research methods (advanced statistical procedures, mixed-methods, interpretive analysis methods).

His research curiosity is complemented with the will to not only observe potential societal changes systematically as an analyst but to also take part in actively shaping them in order to realize a common productive, social, liberal and peaceful future.

In his everyday life as a scholar, be it in teaching, research, publications or commitee activities, he tries to realize this vision of doing ethically involved scientific scholarship that takes position and is rooted in the values of enlightenment, solidarity and liberalism.

In private, Steffen Lepa likes cooking, doing bicycle tours, philosophical reflecting, producing electronic and/or acoustic music and enjoying Berlin club culture.

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