were already promised some time ago and now I am happy to be able to fulfil it: From now on, on http://www.surveymusikundmedien.de you will find various infos on research design, progress and first results of my actual research project which altogether may be subsumed under the question “How do the Germans listen to music nowadays?”.  At the moment, you will predominantly find the ‘quantitative’ results, but they will be complemented soon by results from the qualitative interview follow up study which is conducted right now. I wish you fun and new insights when studying the website’s content and I will be also happy to receive your feedback and critique.




Some challenges

von Steffen Lepa

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.


.. might be explainable by a few words, but this job is done a lot better by Richard Stallman, one of the main founders/developers of GNU/Linux. His article on cloud computing at telepolis.de is to be recommended, even if only to find  in German there.

Who does not want to be sold for stupid any more, for example by methods of  automated computer search, be noted that there are noncommercial alternatives to Twitter and Facebook. On the one hand, the microblogging service identi.ca , on the other hand, the social network Diaspora . And now, if enough people are going choose these alternatives, may be we may come around an “elected dictatorship” in the network …

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